Skopelos, one of the main Sporades Islands, is called by the Biopolitics International Organisation, as the Green and Blue Island. It's a natural paradise, while the green of the pine trees and the dense forests are mixed with the deep blue sea and sky. The coast is very beautiful, offering a variety for tourists that can discover Skopelos' beauties, having the round of the island by sea. It also has three well organised marinas, in Skopelos, in Neo Klima and in Loutraki.

Moving east from Skopelos port:

Ν 39ο 07,883’, Ε 023ο  45.651’ - We find Sarres bights and seven pebble beaches with many caves, reachable only by boat. Left of Sarres there is St. George island and later on, Velanio and Stafylos beaches, where visitors can anchor for swimming.

Ν 39ο 04.462’ , Ε 023ο 42.340’  - We are at Amarantos, with small bights, and moving on at Agnontas dock, Limnonari, Glyfada beach and Ammouditsa beach.

Ν 39ο 06.519’ , Ε 023ο 39.541’ - Haven of Mplo, a safe natural dock where you can anchor, next to Panormos beach.

Ν 39ο 06.684’ , Ε 023ο 39.145’  - Antrines, three small beaches.

Ν 39ο 07.554’ , Ε 023ο 38.998’  - Neraki beach, composed by blue green waters and pebbles, accessible only by sea.

Ν 39ο 07.773’ , E 023ο 38.884’ - We find two small beaches, Ftelia and Ekatontari.

Ν 39ο 07.915’ , Ε 023ο 38.645' - Chovolo, towards the islet of Plevroniso, with white rocks, sand and wonderful waters. After Neo Klima we meet the small beaches of Kaliver, Armenopetra, Dafne, Kosta and Katakalou, before we arrive at Glossa's port.

Ν 39ο 12.531’ , Ε 023ο 35.525’ - Cape Gourouni, where there is a big lighthouse, built at 1889, 70 m. high.

Ν 39ο 10.844’ , Ε 023ο 38.469’ - Mavraki beach, reachable only by boat.

Ν 39ο 09.569’ , Ε 023ο 41.660’ - Kalogeropetra rock, having its name because its colour and its shape make it look like a monk.

Ν 39ο 08.446’ , Ε 023ο 43.368’ - Trypiti cave in Glysteri.

Ν 39ο 08.160’ , Ε 023ο 43.360’ - Rocks in “Sfouggarou Pidima” position, just beafor Glofoneri beach, the closest beach to the port, ending up.

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