Entering the Pteleus bay, we have three bays to recite. Starting from the right we will find Pigadi bay with its small harbor. It is protected from all times and the anchorage keeps well. Next bay and to our right is Loutro, which has no harbor but protects you from all weather and you can stay in the evening. Below we will find the bay of Achilleion with its small harbor which is also protected by all weathers. Prefer the eastern pier for better anchor. Be aware of why there are irons protruding along the mole. Going down to the beach, the depth decreases, from here you can head towards Achilleion and Pteleios by land. Next to the harbor there is the Sea Museum.
Health Center 0030 24220 41217 Pteleos,
Police 0030 24220 41220.
Both ports provide gasoline, water, gas, supplies, restaurants and tavernas, telephone and post boxes.

The harbor of Amaliapolis is sheltered by all the winds in the winter, except the NEs and especially the VBA that is stronger and enters the harbor. The summer is protected from all times, the waters are generally shallow and you can moor both from the inside and from the outside of the bay. The harbor provides petrol, water, electricity, gas, small repairs, card-phones, post office, taverns and supplies. In case of need, there is also a slip to take off your boat.
Tel. Sourpi Health Center 0030 24220 31211,
Police 0030 24220 31231


ditiki magnisia amaliapoli

Nea Anchialos
The port of Nea Anchialos is kept from all times of winter and summer. Because the interior of the harbor has a shallow depth, we come in carefully. Guests are given space in the southwest part of the harbor and you can also join the entrance to the right when there is no air but many balloons because the waves will kick you. In case you do not find a place it is good to visit the fishermen's club at the end of the harbor who will definitely serve you. In the harbor and next to the fishermen's club you will find the ancient wall and below the archaeological site of Nea Anchialos. The port provides gas, water, card, mail, laundry, gas, taverns, small repairs.
Tel. Health Center 0030 24280 76666,
Police 0030 24280 762219,
Airport 003024280 77333.

Port of Volos
The port of Volos is the largest harbor of Thessaly, protected from all times for vessels except for the NIS. Be careful with these winds because they pose an anchor problem. For better bonding contact the port authority. The entire port has a permanent demise. The port has been designated as a recreational boat refueling station. At the bottom of the harbor you will find the marina and it is covered by all times. In the port you can find what you need, in case of damage you can visit the shipyard in Peukakia (Tel. 24210 88612 and 88328).
Tel. Port Authority 0030 24210 28888, 38888, 79710. VHF Channel 12.
Hospital 0030 24210 94200,
Tourist Police 0030 24210 39065,
 Info 0030 24210 23500.

Kato Gatzea - ​​Agria
The harbors of Kato Gatzea and Agria are fishing villages and are full of local boats. You can also visit it for a short stop in the taverns. Next to Kato Gatzea is the organized beach of Kala Nera.

Ormos Vathoudi (South of Milina)
According to mythology from this bay, Jason and Argo started the Argonauts campaign. The islet of Alata protects the bay from all the winter and summer times, so many boats are overwintering at this point. The anchorage keeps very well, and a cistern will also be found in the bay. The harbor of Milina, located north of the bay, is reserved from all times except in SW. The anchorage holds well but the waters are shallow. The port of Milina provides gas, water, gas, telephone, post office, tavern, small repairs and is 500 meters from Milina. Tel Argalasti Health Center 0030 24230 54611.

It is protected from all times except B-VA winds. In these times the immortality reaches up to 30 meters in the sea. Make sure your anchor has caught well. Prefer to tie in the small pier because there is more deep. You can find water, good fish taverns and a card phone but for gasoline you have to go to Trikeri.

Old Trikeri
The port of Paleo Trikeri across from Alogoporos is protected from all times, N and SE winds bring air but the anchorage keeps well. There is a special recreational boat parking lot and it is preferred because they have a greater depth. The island does not always have water but you can find some supplies, card and mail.

Agia Kyriaki
The harbor of Agia Kyriaki, which is the epicenter of the native village of Trikeri, is protected by all the winds except the Southwest. The port also affects the waves of the ships that come from the port of Volos except the southeastern part of the harbor protected by the breakwater, where we will also be protected by the southwest. Anchor keeps well, just watch why it rains sharply. You can find gas, water, card-phone, post box, taverns with delicious food. You can also do shipyard repairs but only on iron and wooden boats. For plastic boats and machines in general little work is done. Port Authority Tel 24230 91400, VHF Channel 12, Health Center Trikeri 24230 91221. Read also: sights in south Pelion, beaches in southern Pelion.


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