At the north-eastern part of Skopelos, a pleasure boat trip is very difficult when the WS winds blow. In general, the Sporades are affected by strong NW, making the visibility difficult and the waves of the sea large. In Skopelos you will find two organized marinas, one in Chora and one in Neo Klima.

Port of Skopelos
The summer is kept out of all times and you will not experience any problems as long as you bind well, as opposed to the winter when the harbor is hit by B, NE and A winds. Also, when wind blows, winds rise in the harbor, resulting in it

Creating strong winds and watching the captains. The bottom of the harbor keeps well and the pleasure boats are moored in the inner part of the harbor for more storage where there is also a mummy. To be more comfortable with your harness, contact the port on Channel 12 on the VHF, do not go too deeply because your anchor will cling to the bottom.


It is the second choice for liner ships when they can not tie in the port of Skopelos. Agnontas as a port is hit by SW, W and NW winds. In this port the anchors do not hold well. A long chain extension or anchor is recommended to allow you to sleep quietly. In the harbor area you will find a mini market, a telephone, a restaurant and the nearby beach.

Loutraki - Panormos
It is kept by all winds in the winter and summer and the anchor at the bottom keeps well. The ships of the line stop at the port of Loutraki. Bourine from mid-July to mid-September. The pleasure boats are moored on the floating pier (caution the waters here are shallow!) Where they can also find water. Nearby there is a telephone, accommodation, mini market, café-taverns etc. This port covers you for basic refueling if you need more to head to the village of Glossa.
Panormos consists of the harbor and beach for the bathers. At the left entrance of the harbor there are two shipwrecks that are dangerous to the mooring. On the right side of the harbor there is space for recreational craft. This harbor, as its name says, is kept out of all times. Because the bottom has seaweed make sure the anchor has caught well. For '' better sleep '' pull a long cob to the trees out. Nearby there are supermarkets, telephone, beach and accommodation.

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