According to the greek mythology, Thessaly is considered to be the cradle place of Hellenism. In according to myths, the Clash between Gods and Titans took place in Thessaly. Titans have held mount Othrys while the Gods held mount Olympus.

During the war between the two sides, rocks were thrown, sometimes even whole mountains, and this causes the creation of smaller mountain like Titanos, Fylleion etc. Gods defeated Titans, becoming rulers of the world and threw them into Tartarus except Prometheus and Atlas. These two titans were punished. Prometheus was exiled to Caucasus, tied onto a rock and suffering  the constant bites of and eaglem while Atlas had eternally to carry the whole sky on his shoulders.

Though, humans considered the Titans to be their patrons, and the punishment of Prometheus and Atlas made them evil. So Zeus decided to lead them to extinction ith a flood. Prometheus then advised, Deucalion to build an ark to save himself. When it started raining, Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha were protected into the ark along with all the necessary supplies.

It rained for nine whole days and so the whole land was covered by water except some mountain peaks. During the last day  the ark landed on thessalian mount Othrys.

After the water was drained,  Deucalion and Pyrrha came out of the ark and made a sacrifice in order to please God Zeus. Zeus accepted the sacrifice and happy as he was, decided to a make a favor. Deucalion and Pyrrha asked Zeus to create other people and so it happened. Zeus told them to cover their faces and to throw stones behind their back without looking. Where Deucalion threw the stones would became men and while stones of Pyrrha became women. In that way, it was created a new human kind,  that would be named as Greeks.

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