Thessaly was named by Thessalians, a martial tribe from Thesprotia that conquered the region in 2000 BC. Before that, the area was inhabited by Magnites, Peraivoi, Anianoi and Voiotoi. Later Thessaly will witness several recent conquerors, with Ottomans to be the latest from 1423 until 1881. During that time Thessaly would become part again of the glorious Greece. Although, Thessaly has been claimed by several neighboring tribes such as Bulgarians, Albanians, Slavs and Huns, who repeatedly attacked.

Despite the difficult conditions, due to its geographical location and prosperous plains, Thessaly always recovered quickly. Agriculture, farming and trade of thessalian products and local wines, brought economic euphoria to the inhabitants of Thessaly. The first crafts were built in Rapsani in Abelakia, in Tyrnavos and in Tsaritsani. Thessalians craftsmen distinguished in thew art of furniture making and bakery as well. Furthermore, during the modern years large flows of refugees from Cappadocia, Pontus, Eastern Rumelia and Ionia settled in Thessaly.

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