Thessaly is a geographical region of Greece, an area known for its outstanding beauty, its mountains and for its beautiful seaside. It has a total area of ​​14,036 square kilometers, an area that represents approximately 11% of the total area of ​​Greece. It borders with the regions of West and Central Macedonia to the north, with the region of Sterea Ellada to the south, with the region of Epirus to the west, while it meets the Aegean Sea to the east.

The region has a total population of 732,762 inhabitants (2011) and consists of 4 perfectures, the Larissa (capital city Larissa), Magnesia (capital city Volos), Karditsa (capital city Karditsa) and Trikala (capital city Trikala). The four capitals are the largest cities of Thessaly, according to the 2011 census, Larissa is the largest with 162,591 inhabitants, followed by Volos with 144,449 inhabitants, Trikala (81,355) and Karditsa (56,747).

Thessalian plain is the largest of Greece. The region consists of 45% mountainous, 36% flat and 17% semi-mountainous. Thessaly is straightly connected to the plain, which affects it both morphological and economically.

Thessaly is crossed by river Pinios, the third largest of Greece, 205 km long, Its headwaters are found in Pindos mountains, while it flows through Kalampaka area, the valley of Tempi  and flows into Thermaikos Gulf  creating an estuary in the area of Stomio Villages. Pinios has five tributaries, Enippeas, Klinovitikos, Portaitikos, Pamisos and Karditsiotiko.

The highest mountain peak in Greece, Mytikas, can be found in Thessaly, known as the Throne of the Gods in greek mythology , with an altitude of 2,917 meters. Mytikas heights of Mount Olympus which is shared between the Pieria and Larissa perfectures. Well known thessalian mountais are : Kakarditsa (2.429m.) Voutsikaki (2.154m.) Ossa (1.978m.) Koziakas (1.901m.) and Pelio as well. See available hotels in Tsagarada at Mt Pelio. 

An important part of the region wich attracts several local tourists as well as from abroad are Sporades islands, as part of Magnesia perfecture. The Northern Sporades islands are composed of several islands.  Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos are the largest and most important parts of it. Skopelos is the largest (95.5 sq. km) followed by Alonissos (64.5 sq. km) and Skiathos (45 sq. km).

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