The Sarakina known for its famous stone bridge (14th c.), Who served
the transport of Pindos villages and Aspropotamos. According to
Traditionally, the bridge was cut to three points by thieves who wanted to

intercept of Ali - Pasha to Thessalian villages. Here was the famous battle of April 6, 1878 by the Turks, where the bodies of rebel chieftains D. Koukourava, B. Chosteva and N. Paschalis defeated
Turkish body on and around the bridge, where 9 Turks
They were killed and several were drowned. The rebels had only
several injured.
The bridge connects Sarakina with isolated rock "Petra" in the north, down
from which it is built the chapel of the Holy Apostles. Xronologeitai the 17th
century and is Bejewel with frescoes from various eras. The bridge of Sarakina: Situated 500-700m. after about Sarakina village and serve the transport to Diava. Bridges the river Pinios (Salampria).
Previously served to transport to the villages of Pindos and
Continent. Today it replaced by a new bridge, which is
150 m. Before the old.
The total length of the bridge is 123 m.
From the old bridge now saved four semicircular arches
form. The bridge "built" Saint Vissarion in 1520 and
is the most remarkable and important art monument,
our architectural heritage, in the prefecture of Trikala.


Κείμενο Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Σαρακίνας

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