Towards the promotion and exploitation of the cave located in the Jura island turns the interest of the municipality of Alonissos. This monument is, moreover, very important and known locally as the cave of the Cyclops and counts the history of several thousand years.

Meanwhile, an autopsy performed yesterday scientists Ephorate Paleoanthropology and Speleology, archaeologist and engineer, who concluded that the monument has suffered interference and kept intact.

The two scientists went to Cave Boat Management Agency Marine Park of Alonissos, upon request submitted to the body.

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Cave "Apati Tripa" length of 1,800 meters with lakes and stalactite - stalagmites.
Cave Valanidas
Cave Paleokastro
Cave Morias Karya
Cave Skamnias Olympus
Cave Beech
Cave Melissotrypa Elassona
cave Tsaritsani
Cave Arkoudotrypa Sarantaporou
Cave Routsis - RAPSANI
The caves of Gonnon
Caves Omolio Kissavos
cave Kissavos
Cave Nymfeo Farsalon
The cave 'Vasilotrypa' on tap Farsalon
caves Mavrovouni

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The underground river is located near the village of Desi at Trikala Prefecture, at Mount Chalikovouno at an altitude of 1450m. It is an horizontal cave that has steep slopes around the entrance and good access is done using rope. It belongs to Aspropotamos area and it's located in southern Pindos. Nearby villages are: Pira, Neraidochori, Pertouli, Elati.
cave Description: The entrance has a large opening and is not affected by the level-quantity of water. The waters of the river expand a few meters after the entrance of the cave making a 3-meter waterfall at a place called "Goura Bantimari".

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Cave Vathyrema
Location: 3.5 km from the village Vathirema to Stournareika.

Cave Palaiokarya
Location: 3.9chlm SW from Kato Palaiokarya and 2.6chlm North from Middle Palaiokarya.

Features: Underground River, karstic conduit approximately 135 meters. In the middle of the cave there is a concrete barrier for the concentration of water in the village with plastic pipe.
Access: From the cemetery foolow the dirty road from Middle Palaiokarya, cross twice the river and climb about 500 meters, then you are at the cave's entrance.

Cave-waterfall Myrofyllo
Location: 3.5 km from Myrofyllo to Polyneri.
Features: Underground river with a waterfall that stands out from afar.

Cave Koudounotrypa
Location: 434meters altitude term Itamos. near the monastery of Goura.
Features: Vertical 115meters pit length.

cave Bey
Location: 3 km SW of Pialeias.
Features - cave with an underground river and two entrances. Follow the path from village Elati to find yourself at the cave. Detailed info about Mpeis cave at our article: Mpei's cave

cave kettles
Location: 800m west of Pyrrha (Koziakas)
Access: Difficult by footpath to the river and later Kamnaitiko 1 km to the Valley 'Kazania'.
Features: Cave underground river with a waterfall.

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cave of Mpeis in koziakas elati

Mpei's cave is located in Koziakas at 1220meters altitude, in a particular geological area. This sink that drains the waters of a basin of the mountain, which eroded limestone and they found the exit on the east side of the slope. With the elevation and plenty of water formed an impressive dimensional conductor with two entrances. The light coming through the large windows of about 15 meters and there is a strong air stream in the main duct.

spilia mpei koziakas09Right of the main duct are two more ducts. The first encounter with length of about 100 meters, gradually narrows and leads to a chamber dug by human hand flooring and impressive decoration on the walls. The second, which is near the east entrance continues for about 60 meters and stops at the wall and there is a loft from which comes another pipeline with possible follow. The cave is a complex system of pipes and discontinuities in the water has done a lot of work.

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More than 100 caves are in the prefecture of Karditsa showing great interest in the 'Speleology Mountaineering and Community' 'which is a voluntary team the have created a database with their data.

Cave Gaki
Located near the village of Karitsa  at Plastiras Lake is said that he used the Thimios Gakis as hiding after the abduction of noblewoman Vasilos. It has rich decor and a large number of bats. To get to the cave requires 3-4 hours hiking. At the end of the cave there siphon with water that has been explored very little.
horizontal Cave
Total length of routes: 190meters

Cave Kaimakias
It is the largest explored cave of Karditsa with luxurious interiors, two levels and river flows Karitsiotis inside.
Length upper level: 220meters
Length lower level: 220meters
Overall length: 470meters
Longitude: 39 ° 16 '40.8498 "
Longitude: 21 ° 39 '8.7192 "

Cave Aetofolia
Located in St. Akaki. This is a horizontal cave with a length of about 100 meters.

Other known caves of the prefecture are: Katafylli and Kotroni the Acheloos municipality of Lamia and Katsaros community Athamanes the Palaiolaka and Cave Patipa in Argithea municipality Aetofolia and Splitsa in Ithomis municipality, Snow White and the cliffs on municipality Itamos the Dafnospilia and Castle in euphonious municipality cave Makos in Menelaidas municipality, the Cold Fountain in Metropolitan municipality, the Drakotrypa and the cave of Arapi in Mouzaki municipality, the DRAKAKI and Asterios in Palama municipality, the Limeri and Kalogerogianni of the municipality Plastiras t a cave of the Patriarch Kakouka at Rentina municipality and Katachloros and the Lycée in Tamasiou municipality.

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