Asklipio of Trikala
The ancient city of Trikke, an important city of the Thessalian quadraty of Estiaotida, stretched between the river Lethaios, which still crosses today's modern city, and on the hill "Kastro", where the ancient acropolis was probably located. In the city there was one of the oldest asclepiae known to ancient Tricky in antiquity. The earliest written mention of Trikkis is found in the Homeric List of Islands, which states that the city participated in the expeditionary force of the Greeks in the Trojan War with 30 ships and leaders of the two sons of Asclepius, Mahaona and Podalierio, who had been taught by their father medical art. For the beginnings of the city of historical times the excavations are poor and the written sources sparse.

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Bezesteni on the Fortress Hill
The word comes from the Arabic word '' bez '' meaning cloth, '' bezzaz '' means a textile merchant, it was a 15th-century covered market selling textiles, jewelery but also used as a place to store valuable items of the rich. Nowadays it is preserved in the square of the Fortress of Larissa, which is a meeting place for young people, the two of its three gates are closed but kept in good condition over its roof, which had six domes and supposedly collapsed in the great earthquake of 1781. Some Tens of meters east of Bezesteni lies the Early Christian Bath and the Middle Byzantine Temple within Lambrouli Square.

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The archaeological site of Sesklo is located on Kastraki hill, very close to the modern village of the same name, 15 km from the city of Volos. The Neolithic settlement of Sesklo was first inhabited in the middle of the 7th millennium BC. from agricultural and livestock families. The findings are architectural remains, stone tools, ceramic pots, clay figurines and more.
The foundations of the houses of the settlement that we see today in the archaeological site belong to the 6th millennium BC. and extends into an area of ​​approximately 100 acres, where about 500-800 spacious houses have been excavated, with a well-planned organization, which we have not met again in the region of Thessaly.

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arxaio theatro larisas

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A' Ancient Theater of Larissa is one of the most important and largest in Greece. Located on the south side of the hill of Frourio, just below the ancient citadel, which is geared towards today's central square was once the ancient market town. It was built in the 3rd century BC and the

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