Feel and enjoy your special moments and on the most important day of your life by choosing the right place for your wedding for you and your guests. Destinations are many and you have to choose amongst a great variety! Pelion, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Damouchari, Agios Ioannis and more! All of these destinations offer breathtaking views, green scenery and romantic sunsets for most situations and mountain views you'll remember for a lifetime. The choice of the place of the ceremony is important because it must be combined with other benefits such as your accommodation, the guestss' accomodation  and the place of reception. It is important and also very convenient to be all close to each other to avoid covering long distances losing valuable time and adding more fatigue in already compromised that day. Thus, organize the way you fancy, choose a good photographer who will capture amazing pictures of your moments and enjoy!

Inside the cities:
Larisa Agios Achillios church on the hill of Frourio and the church of Agia Marina which is only 5 minutes from the district of Nea Smyrni. Volos Church of Konstantine and Helen just next to the port of Volos.

volos konnoukelenis 

Views and landscape:
In churches of Kalambaka, choosing to stay hotels in the area with background the rocks of Meteora and photography on the rocks of Meteora.
In Skiti at a green landscape, overlooking the Aegean combining the reception on the coast of the prefecture of Larissa in most family tone.
To St. George's historical Ampelakia with traditional houses and mansions, and Agia Paraskevi located just down into the Valley of Tempi.

Portaria with its picturesque alleys, suitable hotel accommodation for your guests choose Agios Nikolaos and Saint Anargyroi with the city of Volos on your feet!
The churches in the villages (Pili-Elati-Pertouli) of the prefecture of Trikala at Mount Koziakas combining mountain, forest and nature.
In Makrynitsa the central square in Agios Ioannis and the church of Panagia Portarea.
Neochori village or another village in Lake Plastiras combining landscape of lake, excellent hotels and also a good choice for a honeymoon.
Ambelakia in Agia Paraskevi with the reception a lot to do in the taverns of the village square.

By boat from the coast of the prefecture of Larissa head to the Cave of Veneto where the ceremony is taking place inside the boats.
In the famous chapel of St. John in Skopelos and in the rest of the island, just like the Mama-Mia movie.
In the church of St. Anargyroi located as we head for the coast of the prefecture of Larissa after Agia. Ideal place for those who want to make the reception catering outdoors church with music till dawn.

larissacoast agioianargiroi
Finally a very good choice is the island of Tsougrias located opposite the port of Skiathos. An ideal destination for the whole package with the ceremony taking place at the monastery of the island and the reception many choose to organize at the beach!

skiathos tsougrias
Also many couples from abroad choose the beaches of eastern Pelion and the Sporades for their wedding, like in the movie '' Mama Mia '' that a few scenes filmed at Damouchari of Pelion and the church of St. John in Skopelos at the base of the rock. Also hotels in Skiathos have churches and also provide space for reception by the sea providing integrated packages. Skiathos places chosen by couples is mainly Bourtzi, Mandraki and Aghia Eleni beach. Respectively in Skopelos choosing Adrina Beach and Agia Varvara.

flickr skopelos aigiannis bychristosloufopoulos

Agios Ioannis church Flickr CC Christos Loufopoulos         

Thessaly sites offer a variety of options either mountain or sea, choose whatever you want and enjoy your wedding day!

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