Thessaly is the northern part of Central Greece. In the center of the Thessaly's plain is the largest lowland area of ​​Greece surrounded by mountains, which are the largest areas of vines. The main feature of Thessaly vineyards that are located in (or close to) beautiful landscapes and tourist destinations, making wine tourism in Thessalia particularly attractive. The wine regions which are producing s OPAP is 3 (Rapsani Anchialos, Black Mesenikola) and Local Wine is 5 (Thessaly, helmets, Krannona, Meteora and Tirnavos).

At the northwestern part of Thessaly, at the growing zone located south of the Meteora region - Kalambaka meteora wines are produced. The rocks of Meteora is a geological monument of global importance and the six monasteries are the seconed biggest monastery community in Greece. Therefore, it is very popular destination for Greek and foreign travelers, served by developed tourist infrastructure of Kalambaka, becoming a hub of wine tourism in Thessaly.

Just before the valley of Tempe and near the mountain Ossa are vineyards Rapsani, perched on mountaint at Profitis Ilias. Most vineyards are east and southeastern sun exposure, at altitudes of 100 and reaches 700 meters. The combination of Olympus with the Aegean Sea creates a unique microclimate that allows for good ripening. The varieties grown are threefold: Xinomavro the Krassato and Stavroto, all the red ones. By their vinification produced the Rapsani wine, rich red color with a characteristic bouquet.

On the shores of the stunning Pagasitikos Gulf, south of the port of Volos is located the vineyards of Anchialos. In just 100-200 meters above sea level Roditis gives a fine white OPAP Anchialos, wine very pleasant when drunk fresh.

Another wine region od Thessay is in the plains around the city of Karditsa and in the villages of Agrafa, at an altitude of 250-600 meters. Here is produced the red color wine ''Black Mesenikola'' from the combination of the eponymous native grape with Carignan and Syrah. It is the latest Greek designation of origin.

On the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus, the traditional settlement of Krania, the subsoil is excellent and the wonderful microclimate. Rainfall, sparse. In summer, pretty cool, with daytime sea breezes from the sea and mountain airs afternoon. All these favor the cultivation of vines and led to the planting of fine French varieties Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Since they produced white and red Regional Wine Kranias.

The largest concentration but the Thessalian vineyard located in Tirnavos. These plains with northeastern exposure grown Savatiano, Roditis, the Batiki and Muscat Hamburg production of Thessaly and Local Wine Local Wine Tirnavos.

Wines of Thessaly:
Larisa: Total 125 | white 54 pink 12 red 59 - OPAP 7 TO 31 CSOs 6 Cion. 81
Magnesia: Total 38 | White 18 Rosé 6, red 14 - OPAP 3 TO 10 CSOs 2 Comm. 23
Karditsa: Total 49 | White 24 Rosé 2 red 23 - OPAP 4 TO 15 CSOs 1 Comm. 29
Trikala: Total 19 | White 7 Rosé 2 red 10 -, THE 7, Comm. 12

Wineries Larissa Prefecture
winery Dugi
George Lola and George Ftikas (Elassona)

wineries Magnesia
Kingdom Belikaidi
Organic Vineyards Choleva
wineries Apostolakis

wineries Karditsa
Karamitrou Winery (Messenikolas)
Winery Kalamata Aristides (Messenikolas)
Winery Kalamata Aristides
Filia Earth
Winery Kalamata Aristides
Winery Distillery Liappa
Englishman Vineyard (Chestnut Itamos)
Wines Caravan (Dafnospilia)

wineries Trikala
Winery Tsililis (Raxa Paralithaion Trikala, wine Domaine Theopetra)
Estate Liakos (Gavros Chassia Kalambaka)
Winery K. Lud (Diava Kalambaka)
Cellar Perganti (Gate)

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