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May: Traditional wedding of Trikeri

June: Traditional DanceFest in Lafkos

9th-10th September: Celebration of finding the icon of Virgin Mary

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To access south Pelion villages from Volos head to Argalasti - Milina and final destination Trikeri.


Volos to Milina 46km ( 1h and 7 mins drive)

Volos to Lafkos 46km - 1h and 5minutes drive

Volos to Katigiorgis 63km - 1h and 30 minutes drive

Volos to Potistika beach 48km - 1h and 7 minutes drive

Volos to Trikeri 75km - 1h and 45minutes drive

Volos to Aghia Kiriaki - 71km - 1h and 42 minutes drive

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Hiking in Trikeri
Beautiful hiking routes with starting point the traditional village of Trikeri. Find out more about hiking routes in Trikeri here.

Scuba Diving
Explore the seabed of Pagasiticos gulf. Find out more about scuba diving in Pagasiticos here.

Hiking routes in Lafkos
Hiking routes from traditional villages Lafkos. Find out more here.

Sea excursions
Sea excursions with water taxis from the small ports of Platanias and Katigiorgis. Daily routes are taking place from water taxis and it is a great opportunity to find yourself at the beautiful beaches of Skiathos for a one day or a two days trip to Skiathos! The duration of Katigiorgis - Koukounaries beach in Skiathos is only 15 minutes by a water taxi and the duration of Platanias - Koukounaries Skiathos is 20-25 minutes. Also water taxi you will find at the port of Aghia Kiriaki to take you to the Palaio Trikeri island.

In the traditional taverns of Katigiorgis, Platanias, Milina, Mikro, Marathia, you can taste fresh seafood. The delicious roasted meats, the traditional pies and homemade sweets are some of the flavors you can enjoy in the squares of the villages of southern Pelion. Also top quality oil, herbs, honey, figs, wine, oranges, mountain grasses are some of the excellent products the region produces.

Local products of the region are olives from the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčArgalasti, figs and vines for the production of local wine grape varieties.

One of the top destinations of southern Pelion to eat at fishtaverns are the settlements of Kottes and Aghia Kiriaki.

agia kiriaki fishtaverns

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kottes fishtaverns

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