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Enjoy the Sun by the Aegean sea

Mesagala, Kastri, Kouloura, Alexandrini. These beaches combine the sweet and savory water because they are next to the Peneos Delta. Messagala is a seaside settlement with several seaside residences and a sandy beach. In Messangala you will find a beach bar but also plenty of free space if you want to lay your towel and taverns with delicious food. Several visitors choose Messagala and for sandy baths due to the temperature of the beach that helps in the treatment of the joints. Nearby villages: Platamonas (north) and Stomio (south).

If you move north of Mesagala you will find Kastri beach. Kastri is also an organized beach with beach bar and sand all along the beach. At Kastri - Loutro you will find hotels, rooms to let, taverns and cafes. North of Kastri is the well-known Nei Pori beach (where you will find a railway station).

Kouloura beach. Kouloura is located south of Messangala. Kouloura is a small settlement, quieter than the two mentioned above, where you will find a beautiful, non-organized beach with sand, which is mostly preferred by the residents who have their homes there.

Alexandrini. Like Kouloura, Alexandrini is a small and quiet settlement with few houses very close to the Pineios Delta since it is located between Kouloura and Stomio. Alexandrini is a quiet, non-organized sandy and small pebble beach where the combination of sweet and savory water dominates and you can enjoy your swim with a view of Olympus mountain in the background.

To get to these beaches head down from the National Road to the Tempi Valley, where the beaches start right after the end.

Sandy beach

Sandy beach

Sandy beach
Organized beach with beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas.

Organized beach
Sandy beach
Nearby villages: Stomio and Platamonas


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