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Skopelos is the second largest island of Northern Sporades (95.8 with a population of 5.700 people. It's a typical greenblue island of Agean Sea, green because of its pine tree forests, and blue because of its beautiful beaches. It is located 60 nautical miles far from Volos port, and its beaches are suitable for people that seek either relaxing or extremely fun vacations. Some of these beaches are Velanio, Kastani, Panormos, Agnontas, Armenopetra, Stafylos, Chovolo, Milia, Neo Klima, Antina, Agios Ioannis, Limnonari and Glisteri.

One of the most significant tourist attractions of Skopelos is the medieval castle, that was built on the ruins of the ancient main town of Skopelos, as well as Agios Ioannis of Kastri, a small church built on a rock in the sea, its where the ''Mama Mia'' movie was filmed. There are 360 churches found in Skopelos, while 120 of them can be found in the main city of Skopelos. You can read our article of 10 things to do in Skopelos.

Skopelos town includes traditional side streets, hotels and rooms to let, stone built houses that are in the same condition for many years now thanks to locals' care. The same type of architecture can be found in the second largest city of Skopelos, Glossa, as well as vineyards and eleonons, and a rare kind of sheep, Glosses. Other villages on the island are Palio Klima (mountainous village with gorgeous views), Neo Klima and the settlements of Agnontas and Panormos, excellent choise for daily trips. Local people are excellent shipbuilders, carpenters and tilers, and there is a great tradition in weaving. Sunset spots in Skopelos: village Palio Klima, Milia beach, village Loutraki.

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Accommodation in Skopelos - Hotels in Skopelos - Rooms to let

You can find beautiful hotels, apartments and rooms to let in Skopelos town, Stafylos, Panormos, Neo Klima, Glossa and Loutraki. Book now at the available hotels in Skopelos. If you wish a luxurious stay in Skopelos then read our detailed article about 5 star hotels in Skopelos.

Transportation - Bus - Taxi - Rent a car in Skopelos - Ferry tickets to Skopelos

Note that there are no buses beyond about 21:00, so an evening in Skopelos would require a taxi or hire a car. You will find 3 ATMs right on the waterfront in Skopelos Town. Also, many rental companies don't allow you to take a car off the island if you would like to travel to Skiathos or Alonissos. Also you will find many rental car companies to rent a car while you are staying in Skopelos in cheap prices. Book now your rental car in Skopelos here. Download here bus timetables for 2016 in Skopelos.

Ferry tickets to Skopelos - Book now your ferry tickets to Skopelos here
"Express Skiathos" Hellenic Seaways - departure at 07:45, arrival in Skopelos at 11:40. ticket costs 30euros, car ticket costs 85euros, motorbike tickets costs 17euros.
"Protefs" (or Proteas) from ANES LINES - departure every day from Volos at 08:15, arrival in Skopelos at 12:45, ticket costs 25,70euros.
"Erato" (Highspeed) Aegean Flying Dolphins | departure every day at 14:00 from Volos, arrival in Skopelos at 16:10. Ticket costs 35euro.
"Flying cat 6" (Highspeed) from Hellenic Seaways | departure every day at 16:00, arrival in Skopelos at 18:45, tickets costs 52 euros.

Activities in Skopelos

Activities in Skopelos include mountain bike, cayaking, hiking, boat trips etc. Read more at the activities section on your left. Especially for boat trips you will find all the boats that advertise their trips along the harbourside and you will find one that suits you. Usually the boats depart at 10 a.m.


Taste the traditional cheese pie from Skopelos, the virgin olive oil and local wine.

Ship routes to Skopelos - Read our detailed article with ferry routes to Skopelos from the ports of Volos - Thessaloniki - Mantoudi - Ag. Kontantinos - Kimi

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skopelos ferry tickets

The access to Skopelos, on both ports of Skopelos and Glossa, is being performed daily via the ports of Volos, Agios Konstantinos, Mantoudi and Kimi. Also, you can take a flight to the airport of Skiathos and then in Skopelos by boat. Book now your ferry tickets to Skopelos

Port of Volos to Skopelos - Ferry tickets
Highspeed Vessels: "Erato" from Aegean Flying Dolphins departs every day at 14:00 from Volos and arrives in Skopelos at 16:10. Ticket costs 35euro. "Flying cat 6" from Hellenic Seaways departs every day at 16:00 and arrives in Skopelos at 18:45, tickets costs 52 euros.
Conventional Vessels: "Express Skiathos" from Hellenic Seaways departs every day at 07:45 and arrives in Skopelos at 11:40. ticket costs 30euros, car ticket costs 85euros, motorbike tickets costs 17euros. "Protefs" from ANES LINES departs every day from the port of Volos at 08:15 and arrives in Skopelos at 12:45, ticket costs 25,70euros.

Book now your ferry tickets here.

Port of Aghios Konstantinos (180km north of Athens) to Skopelos - Ferry tickets: Highspeed vessels duration of the jopurney is 2 hours while with conventional is 4hours.

Port of Mantoudi to Skopelos - Ferry tickets
Conventional Vessel "Protefs" departs from the port of Mantoudi at 15:00 and arrives in Skopelos at 17:45. Ticket cost 20euros, car ticket costs 55euros. Mantoudi is located in Evoia and it's 145km away from Athens and 80km away from Chalkida.

Port of Kimi to Skopelos: Conventional vessels, duration 3 hours.

Book now your tickets with Let's Ferry

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There are many taverns in Skopelos located in Skopelos Town, Loutraki, Glossa, Panormos and Stafilos.

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Water Sports

Try water sports at the beaches of Milia, Adrines and Kastani.

Scuba Diving

Explore the seabed of Skopelos and learn the secrets of diving from the diving centers that exists on the island. The diving center is at the main port of the island.

Sea Kayak

If you find yourself in village Glossa there's Kayaking Greece that provides sea kayaking courses.


Beautiful routes at a virgin scenery.
Hiking Routes:
Glossa - Loutraki (length 2.5km)
Skopelos - Stafilos - Velanio (length 5km)
Skopelos - Delphi (length 3km)
Glossa - keramotou beach (length 4.5km)
info: You will also find a map of five signed routes at the port of Skopelos. These routes are:
T1 Skopelos - Peak Palouki
T2 Vatos - Monastery of Holy Archangels
T3 Skopelos - Agios Konstantinos - Source Tzelali
T4 Palio Klima - Loutraki
T5 Loutraki - Glossa  

Sea Excursions

Sea excursions are very famous amongst the visitors of Skopelos. You will find more info at the port of Skopelos, there are boats that organise excursions to the beaches of Skopelos and to Alonissos.

Mountain Bike

Try mountain bike you will be excited! More info at our article here.

Sailing in Skopelos

Read our article here for more details

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