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skopelos dolphins

If you find yourself sailing between the islands of Skiathos and Skopelos (Northern Sporades Greece) maybe you will see a group of dolphins. We would like to thank our supporter Marianthi for those amazing pictures!

skiathos skopelos dolphins

skiathos skopelos dolphins3

fakistra krofo scholio

Krifo Scholio (Secret School) is a sea cave of the church Panagia Megalomata. It is very close to village Tsagarada and the beach of Fakistra. We walked this beautiful route and we present you in various pictures. If you decide to go the area you have to turn left from the entrance of the village Tsagarada at the sign ''Milopotamos'' and then you follow the signs to Fakistra. Park your car at the parking area and follow the sign ''Hidden School'' .

It's an easy route that anyone can do in a very short time, at about 15-20minutes walk. Enjoy our pictures from our visit.

More info about the area:

krifo sxolio fakistra00

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alonissos hotels

Many hotels and rooms to let are located at the greenish island of Alonissos. Most of the hotels are in Patitiri and Old Alonissos but also you will find many of them at Rousoum Gialos, Votsi etc. There are more than 100 hotels in Alonissos you can choose from! Book now and happy holidays!

αλοννησος ξενοδοχεια

αλοννησος ξενοδοχεια

αλοννησος ξενοδοχεια

αλοννησος ξενοδοχεια

αλοννησος ξενοδοχεια

Σε φτηνότερες τιμές θα βρείτε επίσης και τα εξής καταλύματα:
Mahi Studios
Angelos Apartments
Pension Andromeda
Pension Votsi
Pension Galazios Kolpos

Δείτε εδώ όλα τα ξενοδοχεία και τα δωμάτια στην Αλόννησο.

Find out more about Alonissos here.


skiathos hotels

More than 250 hotels and rooms to let are located in Skiathos to enjoy your holiday. Every summer, more and more tourists visit the island of Skiathos, since it is the most cosmopolitan island of the other islands of Sporades with thousands of visitors from Greece and Europe. Most hotels are located in Skiathos Chora, but you will find and other hotels in Agia Paraskevi, Troulos, Koukounaries and more. The level of service is high and meet the needs of every guest. Thus, you will find accommodations of all categories, from 5 star hotels to simple lodgings, select the one that suits you! Book now through EnjoyThessaly and take advantage of the best prices we offer!

Many hotels and rooms to let are located at the island of Skiathos. There are more than 200 hotels that you can choose from. Below we present you a few hotels of Skiathos.

skiathos hotels

skiathos hotels

skiathos hotels

skiathos hotels

skiathos hotels

skiathos hotels

See all 250 hotels in Skiathos here. Book now and happy holidays!

You can check also these hotels in Skiathos with cheaper prices!

Maistrali Studios
Azalea View Skiathos studios
Paris Guesthouse
Pandora Studios

Some of the benefits offered by hotels in Skiathos are: outdoor swimming pool, sea views, views to Skiathos Town, refrigerator, kitchen, beautiful rooms, dryer, Wi-Fi, TV, delicious breakfast, spaces for parking.

Plan your holidays in Skiathos, read a detailed guide EnjoyThessaly to Skiathos.

skiathos hotels

skiathos hotels

lafkos pelio

On the outskirts of Southern Pelion, at an altitude of 310 meters, lies the village of Lafkos. For its name, there are several points of view, one of which states that it comes from the word "glaukos", which means clean and bright, as does Lafkos horizon. Its history begins somewhere in the late 15th century, with a tradition of centuries of customs and customs. It is located 54km away from the city of Volos with access from the village of Metochi and from the village of Milina, the port of Lafkos.

The first icons entering the village are the smiling and hospitable inhabitants. The locals keep alive the customs and customs of the place, which they transmit from generation to generation. The village has remained unchanged over time, having a very traditional character and making it stand out from other villages. The attraction for visitors from Greece and abroad, as well as for people of arts and letters. Destination for the whole year, as every season varies with the beauty of nature and the activities that the visitor can do. In Lafkos there are six traditional stone guesthouses and a 3-star hotel. Book your hotel here!

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