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Mouresi is one of the oldest villages of Pelion amphitheatrically built, with great views towards the mountain, the neighboring villages of Kissos and Agios Dimitrios and the Αegean Sea, spanning around a forestry mountainside. Its natural beauty and traditional colors are ideal for quiet and peaceful holidays away from the crowds.

The village of Mouresi was initially built in the coast, specifically in the coast of Damouchari, where remains of the old settlement still exist. From 1600-1700 people started moving up creating todays village. Regarding the name origin there’s uncertainty. Some say it is from the many mulberry trees (greek: mouries) or from Myres in Asia Minor from where the first inhabitants came from, others claim it’s from the Slavic word "mours" meaning “finding fertile grounds”. Finally it is said that it derives from the Latin word Bourtz meaning castle, referring to Venetian castle that once stood in Damouchari and today is in ruins.Through its cobbled paths and trails you can tour the village, see the great mansions and the stone houses but also hike towards the neighboring Tsagarada. The houses in this village are not gathered around a central square but scattered around the mountain hills.

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Milies - Central Pelion - Hotels at Milies - Accommodation at Milies - Sights - Pictures

Through a verdant slope of Central Pelion, stands the village of Milies, one of the most famous and popular villages of the centaur’s mountain, combining perfectly the natural beauty with tourism development. It is the head village of the municipality and close to other significant Pelion villages, like Vizitsa and Pinakates. It is visited every year by thousands of people who come to admire the sights and the traditional Pelion architecture.

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Vizitsa - Central Pelion - Hotels at Vizitsa - Accommodation at Vizitsa - Sights - Pictures

A beautiful and picturesque village of Pelion, situated between Milies and Agios Georgios, at an altitude of 450 meters and at a distance of 30 km from the city of Volos. One can admire the traditional Pelion architecture with the many restored mansions that exist and also the impressive square where the central kalderimi path leads.

The village’s history begins in the 16th century, when wealthy Greeks of Egypt inhabited it. In fact Vizitsa, along with Makrinitsa and Pinakates, have been declared as preserved settlements of absolute protection by the presidential decree of 1980, when the EOT (Greek Tourism Organization) started the construction and renovation of old mansions. For this reason it has been awarded the “Golden Apple” award.

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damouchari pelion

Damouchari is a small seaside village with few permanent residents, located in East Pelion built around its natural port in the Aegean coast. It is the port village of Mouresi being just below it and also very close to the beaches of Agios Ioannis.
It is made of two small bays separated by a strip of land. In the northern bay is the small picturesque port village with boats and ships, where you can enjoy your food in the few taverns. Over the past years it was the only port in eastern Pelion, facing great periods of commercial growth as mountain villages were supplied with goods through it. The ramshackle stone building of the Turkish customs and some old warehouses remind us of the good old times.

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chania pilio

Hania is a mountain settlement located at an altitude of 1200m, one of the highest points of Pelion. It has lush vegetation consisting of mainly beech, chestnut and fir trees and connects  west Pelion with east Pelion. Over the last years it has great tourism growth as more and more travelers visit it, especially during winter.

The region was named after the old guesthouses (greek: hania) that existed and offered accommodation to travelers and merchants. Some are still preserved until today.

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Located in south Pelion is the famous Argalasti, a traditional mountainous village that has deservedly gotten the title for being the capital of south Pelion. A place literally drowned in rich vegetation, consisting mainly of olive grooves and wild forests that blend perfectly with the many sights and the tourism amenities that the village offers.

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