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meteora what to do

Meteora, a landscape that enchants you. Meteora in Greece is known all over the world for the natural beauty of the rocks and for the monasteries lying on some of the cliffs. Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Meteora to visit the monasteries, wander in Kastraki and explore the landscape of Meteora through beautiful paths that move between the rocks. Those who have seen Meteora only from photographs remain unapologetic when they approach and roam the rocks. The tourist infrastructure in Kastraki and Kalambaka is excellent with hotels of all categories, guesthouses and rooms at cheap prices, restaurants and taverns in Kalambaka and Kastraki but also a bit out of them with delicious food, as well as campsites located near Kalambaka. If you are wondering where to go, what to do, what to do, what to eat and what to see in Meteora, Kalambaka and Kastraki, then read the 10 things you can do if you come to Meteora either for a short escape or for more days.

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lafkos fyloma

EnjoyThessaly and Fyloma guesthouse give you the chance to travel to one of the most beautiful corners of Pelion, in Lafkos. Our contest includes one night stay at Fyloma guesthouse with open date until 30/6/2018 for 2 guests including breakfast, sbased on availability of the hotel,excluding public official holidays and holidays.
Lafkos is located at a distance of 45 kilometers from Volos and at an altitude of 360 meters. Lafkos offers unobstructed views of Pagasitikos gulf, Alatas islet and Milina. The ideal combination of mountain and sea, the magnificent natural landscape that is dressed with its distinctive colors every season, the crystal blue waters, the stone cobblestone paths, make Lafkos an idyllic destination all year round. The village has remained unchanged over time, having a very traditional character and making it stand out from other villages.
Traditional guesthouse Fyloma is housed in a 19th century mansion where wood and stone dominate. The rooms of Fyloma are located in a beautiful stone-built three-storey building located very close to the main square of the village and offers 5 rooms, each with its own distinctive architectural and decorative character. On the third floor of the Fyloma guesthouse you will also find the shared living room with magnificent views of the Pagasitic Gulf. The guest house offers a traditional Pelion breakfast with homemade jams, pies and traditional products.

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portaria makrinitsa

Pelion, a destination for all seasons. Portaria and Makrinitsa, two villages with hotels, hostels, restored mansions, taverns with delicious food, cobbled paths in the nature of Pelion that are a breath away from Volos since their distance is very small. Pelion and the villages of western Pelion such as Portaria, Makrinitsa, Anakassia, Chania etc. are there to welcome you all year round. So if you wondered what I will see, where I will stay, what I will eat we suggest you a few choices if you are thinking of visiting Portaria, Makrinitsa and the surrounding villages.

Hotels in Portaria and Makrinitsa - Accommodation in Pelion - Prices
Your stay in these villages will be enchanting, as in Portaria and Makrinitsa the hotels you find are very high. Restored mansions and towers have been transformed into hotels and guesthouses with special décor that will make your stay in them enchanting and at good prices. The hotels you will find in these villages belong to all categories from simple rooms to 5-star hotels with all the modern comforts and built in idyllic locations. See all available hotels in Portaria here. See all available hotels in Makrinitsa here.

Rent a car in Pelion - Transportation in Volos - Portaria - Makrinitsa - Prices
You will find rent a car companies at the center of Volos. You can take a rental car and head to Portaria, Makrinitsa, Hania and various destination of Pelion. Book now your rental car from Volos here

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plastira's lake what to do

Developed tourist villages overlooking the lake and around the lake, hotels and guesthouses of all categories in Neohori and other villages, taverns and infrastructure for nature activities such as horseback riding, archery, hydro-bike etc . So if you're wondering what I'm going to see, where I'm going, where I'll eat, there are a lot of choices if you're thinking of visiting the Plastira's Lake. It is not accidental that many say Plastira's Lake is a lake of four seasons. Each season the nature around the lake "gives"  you different colors. Plastira's Lake is located about 30 minutes away from the city of Karditsa. It was created in 1959 and its perimeter is about 62 km if you decide to do it you will see many interesting sights in every corner of the lake.

Hotels in Plastira's Lake - Accommodation in Plastira's Lake
Accommodation options in Lake Plastira includes hotels and guesthouses at good prices of all categories with carefully designed rooms with beautiful decoration, a host of amenities and delicious breakfast with homemade jams. The hotels you will find in Lake Plastira are low-class hotels up to 4 and 5 star hotels located mainly in Neochori, Kalyvia Pezoulas, Filachti and the surrounding villages. See all available hotels in Neochori. See all available hotels in Plastira's Lake. Below, we suggest 10 things you can do when you visit Plastira's Lake.

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Nature, firs, meadows, lovely villages, hotels and stone built guest houses, rivers, stone bridges with waterfalls, taverns with delicious food are some of what you will find in Elati, Pertouli and the surrounding villages in the Koziakas mountain range of the prefecture of Trikala. An area you can visit in winter - summer for a few or more days. The road network that connects them is in excellent condition and remains open even in the winter, when enough snow falls. So, the sights and points of interest are all across the area, the activities on the mountain will rejuvenate you and the accommodations will relax you. The numerous choices for accommodation in hotels, guesthouses, traditional rooms with fireplace, homemade food in tavernas and well-kept restaurants, the ski center of Pertouli and the many attractions of the area can guarantee that you will spend dreamy moments in one of the most beautiful and authentic areas of Trikala.

Hotels and guesthouses in Elati, Pertouli and the surrounding villages.
Stone-built hotels and warm guest houses complement the mountain scenery, offering warm and comfortable accommodation for a pleasant stay. Most rooms in the hotels in Elati and Pertouli have a fireplace and immense views. The prices you will find start from 35 euros to 70 euros per night. Most hotels are located in Elati, but you will find other hotels in villages like Pertouli and Neraidochori. Few hotels can be found in villages such as Stournaireika, Vrontera, Chrysomilia and Pyrra. Check out the availability and rates in hotels in Elati, Pertouli and Neraidochori.

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larissa coast what to do

The coasts of the prefecture of Larissa hide many beaches small and large on a coastline of many kilometers, hotels and mostly rooms to let, beach bars, various dining options, basketball and tennis courts and more. Some of the highlights of the area are Agiokampos, Velika, Rakopotamos, Kokkino Nero with its thermal springs and Calypso Gorge with canyoning waterfalls overlooking the Aegean Sea. Thus, on the coasts of Larissa you will find large and small beaches, organized and not, hotels and rooms to let, coastal settlements with fish taverns and other food shops, as well as villages on the slopes of Kissavos at a higher altitude, such as Karitsa near Stomio and Kokkino Nero and Skiti near Agiokampos, Sotiritsa, Velika. In both of these villages the altitude is a bit bigger and in the summer they offer cool evenings full of views and tranquility.

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