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Portaria welcomes us just at 13 kilometers away from the city of Volos at an altitude of 650 meters in Mount Pelion.
Starting from Portaria visitors can organize walks to nearby villages and  skiing-snowboarding at the Agriolefkes Ski Resort Resort located at 13 km Agriolefkes region. At the entrance of Portaria, the church of Agia Paraskevi is the strarting point of the path that goes round the village.

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Neochori is the most developed tourist village of Plastiras Lake at an altitude of 1000 meters and is located 4 km from Kalyvia Pezoula.

λιμνη πλαστηρα νεοχωρι

Hotels and Guesthouses in Neochori

It offers great views of the lake because of its location, probably the best as many said. That is why many hotels have chosen Neochori. In Neochori you will find 4-star hotels, traditional suites with stone and wood, hostels interestingly decorated and cozy spaces. Autumn and winter landscapes are breathtaking either the lake or the mountain with nature giving unique frames in a wild environment all year round. Snow covered Neohori winter attracts the visitor making him extend his stay. Click here and see all hotels in Neochori.

λιμνη πλαστηρα νεοχωρι

In the old village school now houses the Environmental Education Center that has as a purpose of education in ecosystem issues. Even nearby and north of Neochori is the Botanical Garden is open all year with many details about the flora of the area and the lake. If you want to see the dam lake is located about 12 kilometers south of the village.

λιμνη πλαστηρα νεοχωρι

λιμνη πλαστηρα νεοχωρι

Neochori at Plastira's Lake is loacated 30 kilometers away from Karditsa and 90km away from Larisa.

Kastraki is a small village that lies next to the rocks of Meteora. It took its name from the Byzantine castle, some ruins of which have survived until today. Flushed with tourists throughout the year who visit Meteora either for religious tourism or sports and nature lovers who admire the unique landscape of nature. Many stroll the village streets and admire the rocks of Meteora. Kastraki is located less than 5 minutes from Kalambaka and provides guests with all konfor for comfortable stay. You can choose between traditional houses, renovated mansions, hotels, rooms and camping. Click here and see all available hotels and guesthouse in Kastraki. Also there are accommodation options in Kalambaka.

kastraki meteora

image | Flickr CC Mateus Pabst

Activities you can do are hiking trails and biking around the rocks of Meteora and natural climbing. Still worth a visit to the cave Theopetra with the famous human footprints dating back to 130,000 years and is 8 kilometers.
Kastraki is 25 km from the city of Trikala and we find if we follow the Trikala-Ioannina national road. Follow the signs to the entrance of the town of Kalambaka where the cross and after a few minutes we are at the entrance of the village. Also in the city of Kalambaka there is a Railway Station.

Tsagarada for many is probably the most famous and tourist village of Pelion and is built on the eastern side of the mountain of the Centaurs, at an altitude of 500 meters. It is 47 km from Volos, about one hour thirty minutes and about 30 km from the ski center of Pelion "Agriolefkes".

Tsagarada is a really picturesque and relaxing place in perfect harmony with nature. Beautifully preserved traditional stone houses, mansions with colorful floral gardens, alleys and streets.


tsagarada oldtrading school

Old Trading School | Image Flickr auter

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neraidochori hotels

Between the high mountains of Marosa and Neraida at Trikala prefecture is Neraidochori at an altitude of 1137 meters on Mount Koziakas. The past name of the village was Veternik and is located just 4 km after we meet Pertouli.

From Neraidochori originated the hero of the Greek Revolution Christodoulos Xatzipetros. It has about 330 residents and winter-summer this number multiplied filling the accommodation provided by the village. In winter the chimneys of fireplaces burning all day in the snow-white landscape of snow covered the whole village and create a magnificent landscape to the magic of winter.


Hotels and guesthouses in Neraidochori

Hotels with many facilities, rooms and traditional, folk houses with wood, stone fireplace with cozy surroundings, cheap prices and a view to the mountain of Marosas giving you a memorable stay. On the main street you will find two hotels, the rest of them you will find as you go down to the village square. See here the accommodation in Neraidochori and surrounding villages. Neraidochori an option many visitors who want to experience the surroundings.

Delicious food is waiting you in the village taverns including traditional dishes, grilled skewer, lamb in a pot and hunting in the area. Two restaurants can be found on the main road, the rest are in the village square you will find if you go down the road. Also in the square is the church of Saint Nicholas built from 1764. Also worth seeing the church of Agia Paraskevi (1792) situated after the village heading towards the village of Pyrra and views Tziouka area.

neraidohoriGoing downhill even further from the square to the river Aspropotamos and to the forest road in Smixi area, the stone bridge Chatzipetrou of 1750 to 14.3 meters opening, about 8 meters high and 30 meters long, from where starts and stone path the famous '' Vlachostrata'' a beautiful hiking route. The area of the bridge is one of the places that many visitors choose to explore the dense fir Koziakas.

neraidohoriAlso, Pertouli Ski Center is located at 9km from Neraidochori. Pertouli Ski Center is the starting point of a beautiful hiking route to Koziakas Shelter Chatzipetros.


  • The altitude is so large so you will need both in winter and summer your long sleeved shirts and jackets.
  • Meat in the village restaurants is delicious and if you want you can buy meat home from the tavern at the village entrance.
  • Visit Neraidochori on July 26 to celebrate the Holy Friday evening in the village square is the festival with dancing, food and live music.

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