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Οι Αποκριές έχουν διάρκεια τριών εβδομάδων και σημαίνουν την αποχή από το κρέας, δηλαδή το διάστημα αυτό οι Χριστιανοί προετοιμάζονται για τη νηστεία της Μεγάλης Σαρακοστής. Σε πάρα πολλά μέρη της Ελλάδας έχουν συνδιαστεί με το γλέντι, το χορό και τη μεταμφίεση, έχοντας επιρροές από τις αρχαιότερες λατρευτικές γιορτές των Ελλήνων που γίνονταν προς τιμή του Διόνυσου, θεό του

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Penaeus is the third largest river of Greece and its Delta has one of the richest ecosystems in the country covering 60,000 acres.
The area around the delta of Penaeus can in many ways attract the interest of visitors exploring rare beauty landscapes that shape the natural environment and the unique riverside forests.
There might be so different one and is classified as a habitat CORINE (1998) and as area 'special protection' under Directive 79/409 / EEC and has been included in the scientific biotope network checklist of 92/43 EEC Directive (NATURA 2000).

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Η οργανωμένη κατασκήνωση είναι ένα είδος διακοπών που έχει φανατικούς οπαδούς σε όλο τον κόσμο και φέρνει τον άνθρωπο πιο κοντά στο φυσικό περιβάλλον μακριά από τις ανέσεις της σύγχρονης πόλης, για πολλούς αυτές είναι οι πραγματικές διακοπές. Όπως και να το κάνουμε στις μέρες μας λόγω και της οικονομικής

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Ropoto village is a ghost village. The villagers have fled because of the constant landslides the past few years. Now many houses of Ropoto have taken dangerous inclines and most of them are almost demolished. The reason of all this is the flismy foundation of the slope that many houses are built on.

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The holiday period has arrived and, after the big enthusiasm, the first thing coming on your mind is: “who’s packing a suitcase now?”, what should I pack, how is everything going to fit in, and finally, from all these stuff, what’s actually necessary? If you want to end up with a normal size suitcase and leave nothing important behind, you must make a list considering the place and the time of your visit, where you’re about to stay and what you wish to do while your stay there.

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Many visitors of Meteora choose to stay at organized campsites in Kastraki and Kalambaka. Campsites are providing very good facilities, areas with shadow and views to the rocks of Meteora. Find out more about the monasteries of Meteora.

Campsite Rock Kastraki
In Kastraki with comfortable space for tents and motorhomes and less for caravans. Located 15 minutes walk from the center of Kalambaka.
Facilities: new toilets, built barbeques, shared refrigerators, gas stoves, cafe-restaurant, bus stop right in front of the campsite, pool and views to the Meteora rocks.
Phone 0030 24320-22293

Campsite Meteora Graden
Located 1Km after we pass Kalambaka. The campsite has an area of 15 acres on the outskirts of of Meteora with panoramic views of the rocks and spacious landscaped spaces for tents and caravans.
Facilities: restaurant, pool, rooms, cafeteria and more.
Phone 0030 24320-22727

Campsite The Cave
You can find rooms to let in Kastraki and a few meters after you pass Kastraki you will find the campsite area for tents, caravans and motorhomes.
Facilities: reastaurant, shared refrigerators, gas stoves, laundry, iron, barbeque etc.
Τηλ. 24230-24802

Campsite Philoxenia
Located at the 3rd km of Kalambaka-Trikala.
Facilities: Pizza, restaurant, pool, bicycle and scooter rent, laundry, kitchen, barbeque and more.
Phone 0030 24320 24466 - Fax  0030 24320 24944

Campsite International Rizos
Located 1km before we arrive in Kalambaka providing space for tents, caravans and motorhomes.
Facilities: barbeque, gas stoves, pool in summer, cafe, pets are allowed, playground and more.
Phone 0030 24230-22239

Find out also the hotels and guesthouses at Meteora.

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