Milos has the reputation that only couples visit it and it really is true. Maybe Milos is the top choice of couples and not unjustly. Beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets, delicious food, boat trips by boat and catamaran and comfortable accommodation in hotels and rooms for rent. Below we list 10 things you can do in Milos with your loved one! Many of them are definitely some beaches of the island, since they all have a unique beauty! So if you are wondering where to go, what to do, what to see, where to eat and where to stay then read our article below, Milos is there waiting for you. Let's go then!


Before we start a few words your accommodation in hotels and rooms for rent in Milos.
You will find most of the rooms and hotels in Adamas, the port of Milos, but also in other parts of Milos such as Pollonia, Plaka, Tripiti, Agia Kyriaki and others. Prices vary depending on the category of the room and of course depending on the period you want to visit the island. See here all the 467 hotels you will find in Milos and book at the best prices.

Milos - How to get there - ferry and plane tickets - prices
Piraeus - Milos: daily itineraries with departure in the morning at 07:00 with SuperJet2 and arrival in Milos at 0955, ferry passenger ticket 57.70 euros. SpeedRunner3 departs at 7:30 with arrival time in Milos at 11:55, the ticket costs 56 euros and the ship accepts cars. Ferry tickets for a car up to 4.25 meters cost 62 euros, while a motorcycle larger than 250cc costs 19 euros. See here all the ferry routes to Milos.

1) Certainly when we say Milos, one of the first things that come to mind is Sarakiniko. Milos and Sarakiniko go together! There are endless photos with Sarakiniko on all social networks and sites. It got its name because the pirates used it as a shelter. White rocks and a small beach make the scenery ideal! Avoid visiting it when it blows from the north!

2) Apart from Sarakiniko, if you are more adventurous, you should definitely visit Tsigrado. The access is a bit difficult since in some places you go down with the help of a rope and a wooden ladder! See more photos if you want in our article about Tsigrado in Milos. If you want a safer situation, prefer Fyriplaka, the beach that is very close where the access is clearly more comfortable and the space more.

3) Sea excursions to Milos and excursions to Kleftiko! Yes it is definitely one of the things you have to do in Milos. The waters are crystal clear and definitely worth the walk! More info is available on excursion boats in the port of Adamas! In the port you will find from simple excursion boats to catamaran. Most excursions start from the port of Milos to Adamas, but others start from Provatas, Pollonia and the beach of Kipos located at the southern tip of the island etc. With the sea excursions you have the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters and in inaccessible and enchanting beaches, to admire the mineral wealth of the island, to explore occult caves or to visit neighboring islands such as Kimolos. Prices range from around 30 euros for a boat and from 50 euros / person for a sailboat / catamaran. (prices are indicative as well as itineraries that may change).

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4) Fish on Milos; Definitely a walk to Armenaki in Pollonia of Milos is worth it. Fresh fish and fantastic flavors! To visit it is good to make a reservation since you will almost always find it full!

5) "Dark" situations; Catacombs! They are located in Tripiti. Read in detail about the catacombs in our article about the catacombs in Milos. Also for the friends of the museums there are folklore, archeological, mining.

6) Homemade food; Ergina in Tripiti with a family atmosphere, warm and the view is unique! It is not "like your home", it is better than your home! Local flavors and quality food that is definitely worth trying in one of the best corners of Milos for food.

7) Sunset on Milos; Definitely Fun! Sunset and beautiful colors that will enchant you! One of the places you can choose is Panagia Korfiatissa which is located at the western end of the village. Do not forget that Milos is one of the top wedding destinations of many couples who prefer it for its romantic atmosphere.

8) Apart from the beaches mentioned above, it is definitely worth visiting the Sulfur Mines beach. Sulfur Mines is a beach on the east side of Milos where behind the beach there are the ruins of old mines and the pebbles are yellow! Surely swimming with the ruins in the background has a different feel. The beach does not collect many visitors because of the hard road that will destroy your car! If you decide to visit Theiorichia beach then you a Jeep or a SUV.

9) Milos does not have a very intense night life but you will find some bars in Adamas and Plaka. After sunset a cool cocktail with night view and the moon is definitely En Plo in Plaka.

10) Also do not forget to buy the traditional sweet apple candy and lasagna for the return.

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