1. Power Bank

xiaomi power bank

Our mobile phones have now replaced many gadgets we used and that's good because many devices gathered in one. The only negative thing is that the battery finishes faster and usually when we need our phone more.

Solution to this problem with our mobiles (and our tablets) are the power banks that many of us already use. Also with the power bank you can charge your GoPro if you have it with you on vacation or on some excursion!

An ideal power bank for your holiday should be light, small and fast to charge. We suggest you the Xiaomi MI 2 - 10000 mAh

With credit card size, nice minimal design and 10,000 mAh capacity the power bank Xiaomi MI 2 - 10000 mAh can cover your winter and summer excursion needs by charging your appliances many times because of its high capacity.




 2. Universal plug Adaptor


If you travel abroad this is an object you should always have in your suitcase. The Universal plug Adapter is essentially an adapter with input and output for all USB, USB and USB C. The Universal Plug Adapter by Extsud has 3 usb ports and one usb C port that can charge many devices at the same time. The universal plug adapter is a useful tool to get you out of the trouble of looking for the right plug or converter for all your devices.

Check the price of Universal Plug Adapter here. 







3. Katadyn Water filter


In many places we visit, we can not be absolutely sure about the quality of the water you provide from the grid and when we are out for hiking or exploring in nature we do not know whether the water coming down from a river or stream is totally clean. The water filter does just that, cleans the water and protects us from harmful substances that can be inside it and saves us from many unpleasant side effects that can spoil our vacation. We chose the Katadyn Water Filter because it is light and small so we can always have it with us. The portability of all our devices when traveling is an important factor. The Katadyn Water filter has two versions of 0.6 and 1 lt.

Check the price of Katadyn water filter here. 







4. Travel Wallet


Another very useful tool for our holidays is a travel wallet, a wallet that brings together all the necessary travel documents such as our passport and identity. Our organization always saves us from time and having everything in one place we are sure we have not forgotten anything behind us. This travel wallet also provides RFID protection for credit and debit cards, it is also stylish and unisex. You buy it once and use it on every trip without looking for your pockets and various cases of your luggage at a time. Travel wallet is a useful and very economical market for your travels.

Check the price of the travel wallet here.  







5. Luggage Tracker

There is no more unpleasant experience on a trip than losing your suitcase or stealing it. The solution to this is to buy a tile and place it in your luggage. This small device allows us through our app to locate our luggage wherever they are, thus reducing the likelihood of losing your personal belongings and documents. You put your tile in with your clothes to a point where they can not find it straight through and through the very simple app of the device you can find it easily and quickly. 

Check the price of tile here.  

All 5 gudgets that we recommend are tools that will serve you in various types of getaways and / or holidays in Greece and abroad at economical prices.

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