When we say eastern Pelion, some of the things that come to our mind are destinations such as Tsagarada, Agios Ioannis, Milopotamos beach, Damouchari, Fakistra, Chorefto etc. In these destinations of Eastern Pelion you will find hotels and rooms to let, marvelous beaches (organized and not), taverns with delicious food and rich natural beauty. Eastern Pelion is a classic summer destination of Greece that's because many visitors choose it for their holidays. Visitors can combine mountain and sea in just a few minutes away. The beaches you will find are pretty with the majority of them being organized with sunbeds, taverns by the sea in Agios Ioannis, Papa Nero, Damouchari in its picturesque harbor or taverns, in squares of village Mouresi and village Kissos. Eastern Pelion is here to offer you a pleasant stay, tasty food and comfortable holidays. So, if you are wondering where to go, what to see, what to do, what to eat and where to stay in the eastern Pelion (Agios Ioannis, Horefto, Tsagarada, Damouchari), then read our 10 proposals for eastern Pelion below. Before all of this, of course you can download and our map will help you to have it either on your mobile phone or in your pocket!


Hotels - rooms to let - apartments - villas - Tsagarada Agios Ioannis Damouchari Horefto etc

Choosing where to stay in your holidays is a very important issue because you have to search what you have nearby and organize in what distance you have dining options, sights etc. It is even more important if you visit eastern Pelion because its roads have several turns and if the distance is long then you will get tired (at the end of your article we have a few distances between the villages). Thus, for your stay in Pelion and its beautiful villages you will find 3,4,5-star hotels as well as villas with endless sea views, two campsites in Papa Nero and Horefto but also several rented rooms at good prices. See all available hotels in Agios Ioannis Pelion, hotels in Tsagarada, hotels in Damouchari, hotels in Horefto, hotels in Mouresi and check rates, availability and comments of each hotel. In all the villages of Pelion you will find rooms to let, apartments and hotels for all your preferences with cheap (even from 30-35 euros) as well as more expensive rooms / hotels / villas that offer a host of amenities and luxury with outdoor pool, large spaces etc . View from the above link the hotels of any destination that you have chosen in Pelion for the holidays and book in 3 minutes! If you want to rent a car or motorbike then you need to find one of them at the city of Volos. See all available rental cars in Volos.

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agios ioannis hotels

1. Beaches, many beautiful beaches you will find in eastern Pelion that you will never forget. Some of the best beaches are Papa Nero Beach (beautiful and the nearby beaches of Agios Ioannis and Plaka), Agioi Saranta, Horefto (and next to the non-organized beach of Parisena) and of course Milopotamos beach and Fakistra beach. See all beaches in eastern Pelion.
2. A nice path is the path that leads to the secret school near the beach of Fakistra. A common point of both is that the route to the Secret School starts from the parking lot that you leave your car when you go to Fakistra. The path to the Secret School is beautiful and anyone can do it, and it has benches along the way for those who want to take a breath. A beautiful path that we walked on and presented it in detail with photos in our article Hiking route to the Secret School.

pelion where to stay3. The village of Kissos - Kissos is a very well hidden secret of Pelion that you should visit. Park your car in the large parking area that you will find at the entrance of the village and walk a few meters and then you will find yourself at the beautiful stone-paved square of the village where you will see one of the main sights of the village, the church of Agia Marina. If you want to walk in the narrow streets of Kissos then one of the most beautiful paths in Kissos is the path to the chapel of Agios Efstathios, ideal for an evening walk.
4. If you are wondering where to eat delicious food, located in Kissos or near Kissos, then the tavern next to the village square called "Sinantisi" (=Meeting) is your destination. Delicious food, large portions and special dishes with very good flavors. If you go once at "Sinantisi" then you will to visit it again and again.
5. Visit the Digital Museum & Miniature Museum. The museum is located in Tsagarada in the neighborhood of Agia Paraskevi in ​​the building of Achilopoulos Emporiki School. Inside the museum you will be able to see exhibits of the area projected in digital three-dimensional format and miniature. If you want to visit it, you should call first at 0030 24260 48855. Also in Tsagarada you will find the Nanopouleio School which is designated by UNESCO as an Art Project in 1985.
6. Visit the village of Tsagarada with its ancient plane trees, the running waters and the stone-built cobblestone streets one of the most important sights you will find in Tsagarada Square and specifically in the district of Agia Paraskevi is the famous plane tree that covers the square and is aged 1000 years, with a perimeter of 14 meters and its roots being 4 meters below the ground. The majority of visitors visiting Tsagarada go to see the huge plane tree standing there for so many years, covering the whole square and the visitors who sit to enjoy their coffee. Also, if you find yourself in the district of Agioi Taxiarches (again in Tsagarada) you will see a slightly younger plane tree of 800 years and 17.5 meters perimeter.
7. An award-winning beach, not unjustly, for its rare beauty, is the Fakistra beach. Fakistra is a small beach that, as it passes through the years, is getting smaller and smaller because many stones from the sea are coming out on the beach, making the beach smaller and the space to spread your towel less and less. Thus, Fakistra is located in a magnificent location near Tsagarada. Follow the signs from Tsagarada to Fakistra and leave your car there. There follows a 15 minute downhill trail that makes many visitors think of the uphill return. The path is easy and slowly and even the uphill "goes out". Fakistra is a beach worth visiting. Read our article about how to get to Fakistra.

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Tsagarada plane tree

fakistra pelion8. Visit Damouchari. Damouchari and Fakistra are one of the most famous destinations in eastern Pelion. Damouhari is known for its natural beauty, since it is a seaside settlement with few inhabitants, picturesque taverns next to the sea and rooms to let and hotels to stay. If you are wondering what to eat somewhere quiet then the taverns you will find in Damouchari is a good choice. You will also find a pebble beach that has truly crystal clear waters.
9. One of the many popular activities is hiking on the paths of Pelion. There are several paths in southern Pelion but you will also find beautiful paths that cross the beauties of eastern Pelion. Some of them are Agios Ioannis - Damouchari - Fakistra (4km, duration 2 hours), Agios Ioannis - Mouresi (2.7km), Tsagarada - Damouchari (4km, one of the most famous routes lasting 1.5 hours). See here the paths of eastern Pelion. If you do not like hiking then you can try water sports like kayaking, diving, canyoning in the gorges of Pelion and mountain biking. Read our article about activities at eastern Pelion.
10. Visit Zagora that offers its visitors an authentic Pelion experience as it remains picturesque, unchanged from tourism and surrounded by unique nature. In Zagora you will find facilities such as well-equipped hotels and traditional accommodation as well as important sights such as the Zagora library located in the central square of the village and counting 18,000 books and the Hellenomouse (Riga School) founded in 1712.

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Distances at eastern Pelion.
Hania - Zagora distance 20 km but with several turns
Agios Ioannis - Zagora (via Makrirachi) 20 km 40 minutes
Agios Ioannis - Tsagarada (via Papa Nero - Mouresi) 10 km. 23 minutes (3-4 steep hills after Papa Nero)
Agios Ioannis - Agioi Saranta (via Agios Dimitrios - Anilio - Makrirachi) Distance 14km 30 minutes
Agios Ioannis - Horefto (via Agios Dimitrios - Anilio - Makrirachi) distance 14,5km 31 minutes
Agioi Saranta - Horefto distance 1 km
Damouchari - Milopotamos (via Mouresi - Tsagarada district Agios Stefanos) distance 15.5 km in 32 minutes
Kissos - Milopotamos distance 18km in 35 minutes.
Tsagarada - Kissos distance 11 km in 22 minutes

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agios ioannis hotels

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