The coasts of the prefecture of Larissa hide many beaches small and large on a coastline of many kilometers, hotels and mostly rooms to let, beach bars, various dining options, basketball and tennis courts and more. Some of the highlights of the area are Agiokampos, Velika, Rakopotamos, Kokkino Nero with its thermal springs and Calypso Gorge with canyoning waterfalls overlooking the Aegean Sea. Thus, on the coasts of Larissa you will find large and small beaches, organized and not, hotels and rooms to let, coastal settlements with fish taverns and other food shops, as well as villages on the slopes of Kissavos at a higher altitude, such as Karitsa near Stomio and Kokkino Nero and Skiti near Agiokampos, Sotiritsa, Velika. In both of these villages the altitude is a bit bigger and in the summer they offer cool evenings full of views and tranquility.

Hotels - Rooms to let in Agiokampos - Velika - Sotiritsa - Kokkino Nero etc
Accommodation options on the coast of Larissa are mainly based on the above-mentioned rented rooms available in every village-village of the area. You will also find hotels in Agiokampos, Velika, Karitsa, Kokkino Nero and Stomio, but most of them are rooms to let with prices ranging from 30-40 euros. See all available hotels in Agiokampos, hotels in Velika, hotels in Kokkino Nero.
Visitors to the beaches are mainly Greeks with an exception in Kokkino Nero, where many visitors from Balkan countries like Serbia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and so on. So, beautiful beaches that you can go for for days with plenty of choices to eat and finally several choices of activities make up a puzzle for those who visit the beaches of the prefecture of Larissa. Below we present you the 10 things you could do on the coast of the prefecture of Larissa.

1) Calypso Gorge - One of the well-known gorges of Greece, after descending to waterfalls with running water all year round and ending in a natural swimming pool! To reach the gorge you need to spend a beautiful journey of approximately one hour in the forest of Kissavos.
2) Near Kalypso Gorge there is also Kokkino Nero as we mentioned above with many visitors from abroad. In Kokkino Nero you will find two pebble beaches as well as a café bar and taverns as well as rooms for rent. We definitely recommend you to visit the thermal springs of the red water that are the natural springs but also the specially designed area inside the settlement with the stone-built swimming pools to get in. The thermal water in Kokkino Nero is rich in elements that make good in several parts of your body. Also nearby there is a stone-built bridge, the bridge of Paparizenas, built in 1719.
3) One of the beaches we recommend to visit is the Velikas Vrachas or Buca as you will hear it say. Numerous new worlds are concentrated in the beach beach bar at one end of the beach, at the other end rocks in the sea, calm, more space and shade than the trees behind you.
4) Next beach Rakopotamos. The past has been gathering a few and exquisite, now more and more are choosing Rasopotamos to make their bathing on weekdays and also on weekends. Above the beach you will find two tavernas, you will understand it with the smells, but also a café-bar overlooking the beach of Rakopotamos for coffee and drinks in the evening!

larissa vraxakia velika

kokkino nero

larisa rakopotamos
5) Hiking. The Velika - Melivia path of 8 km is an easy path that can be done all the ages and passes between plane trees, chestnuts, wooden bridges and ravines of 2: 30-3 hours. Starting point of the path is the dirt road next to the Electricians' block of flats, a large orange building that does not match the landscape unfortunately. Follow the road to Agia Triada and towards the kiosk, there is a sign that leads you to the bridges and to the magical waterfall that definitely deserves a stop.
6) Polidendri. The relaxed Polidendri with a few houses, the pebbly beach and the former royal estates ideal for mountain biking and hiking in the lush vegetation of the Polidendri Forest. Inside the forest you will find two churches, the church of Panagia of Polidendri and the The Temple of the Assumption.
7) A "diamond" hidden in the forest! For delicious food Arioprino stands out. Arioprino is located only 3 km away from Karitsa and to get there you follow a road between bees and chestnut trees full of greenery and view to the Aegean Sea. If you continue the road from Arioprino you will be taken to the village of Spilia and later to Sykourio. In Arioprino you can enjoy your coffee, your sweet or your food in a magical setting. Surrounded surroundings, sounds of nature, delicious and well-cooked food are few of what you will find in Arioprino. Also, in winter you can drink your wine in the fireplace that has inside.

melivoia katarraktis

Waterfall at the path Velika - Melivoia

larissacoast agioianargiroi

8) Church of Agion Anargyroi. It is a church that you will find before you reach Agiokampos, a few kilometers before you find a sign, follow it and in 1-2 minutes you will find yourself in the church. Many choose the church space on a holiday all year round for bbq with music and dance. Some people also choose the church for their wedding or baptism and they set up the reception outside of the church. Next to the church, if you get down the stairs and pass the small river, follow the route and the stone steps to the ascetic trees that exist in the rock.
9) Kalyvi, Psarolakas, Panagia. Virgin beaches with stone and pebble. Stalk of fish and many other visitors. On these unparalleled beaches you will not find many visitors, but their wild beauty stands out. However, Koutsoupias is similar but at the edge (not where the beach bar is) that the shadow covers the beach from early afternoon.
10) Pinios Delta. A wetland with rich flora and fauna. At Pineios Delta you can do birdwatching, canoe kayaking, but it is also the end of the rafting route that starts from the Tempi valley.

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