Kissos is a small mountain village in Pelion that has dense vegetation consisting of beech, chestnut and walnut trees that literally hide it in some areas. It’s one of the quietest villages of east Pelion with uninterrupted views towards the Aegean Sea where you can enjoy relaxing holidays combining mountain and sea.
Its name is probably due to the ivy (Kissos), wrapped in tall trees always trying to reach higher and higher. There is of course a version from the historian G.Kordatos according to which the name derives from the misuse of the word Khrisos (Greek: gold). If you’re wondering about the relationship between Kissos and gold, the answer lies in the past when an ore mine was discovered and when villagers wanted to talk about gold they referred to it as “K’so”. From there according to this version derived the name "Kissos."

An important milestone in the history of the village was the operation since 1753 of the Greek school, where Rigas Feraios briefly taught as a teacher. That is the reason his bust adorns the villages square and is admired by all visitors.

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In the village you will discover various chapels such as Agiou Constantinou and Agios Efstathios, to which leads one beautiful path. However the main attraction which is not be missed, is the famous three aisled basilica church of Agia Marina located in the cobbled square and is considered one of the finest basilicas in Pelion. The church has three sides on its roof and therefore belongs in the architectual category of "three aisles' Basilica. Dating back to the 17th century it is built according to the Byzantine style of Epirus craftsmen and each year attracts thousands of visitors who come to admire the "jewel" of Pelion.

Two important cultural events are held in the village, celebrating the Saints. One of them takes place on the 17th of July each year celebrating Agia Marina with traditional music and dancing, while the other fair is organized on the 20th of September celebrating Agios Eustathios with the atmosphere being equally festive.
During your stay at Kissos enjoy walks through the dense forest of majestic beeches and chestnuts. For your summer vacation, the village offers access to beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea like Ai-Giannis, Papa Nero and Damouchari. If you visit the village during winter, you can have ski courses at the nearby ski center. Of course any time of the year you can enjoy walks on the kalderimi paths as three magnificent trails start from there, one of which leads to Chania.

Finally, Kissos has several taverns and restaurants where you can taste traditional Pelion appetizers and experience yourself the warm hospitality of the villagers. If you want a souvenir from the village to remember this unforgettable experience you can buy plants and flowers such as hydrangeas or gardenias from a street shop.

Hotels in Kissos - Accommodation in Kissos

You will find a few accommodation properties in Kissos. Most of the are located at the nearby villages such as Agios Ioannis, Agios Dimitrios, Tsagarada and Horefto. Book now at the available hotels in Kissos. Find out more about eastern Pelion.

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κισσος ξενοδοχεια

κισσος πηλιο

πηλιο κισσος



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