Agios Lavrentios is one of the oldest villages of the centaurs Mountain. It is a mountainous region of unique beauty in Central Pelion only 20km away from the city of Volos with exceptional view towards the Pagasetic, ideal for peaceful and relaxing holidays around nature and for short weekend breaks.

The name originates from the homonymous Byzantine monastery located just outside the village that was initially built by Benedictine monks during the fourth crusade. In its ruins, the monk Lavrentios from Agion Oros (Mount Athos) built in 1378 the monastery that stands till today. The monastery had a crucial role in the founding and establishment of the village and up till today many believers come here for pilgrimage. Also, in a special area next to the monastery are the summer camps of the Metropolis of Demetrias.

Important personalities of art and literature have descended from Agios Lavrentios, such as, the nation tutor, Daniil Magnis, and the very popular Greek actor, Lavrentis Dianellos while many celebrities come to visit the village every year.

Its appeal is due largely to the fact that the village till today retains its traditional character. It has many mansions like those of Sini, Kantartzi and Sarafi, which date from 1896. Also it features a scenic and secluded square, Hatzini square from where you’ll enjoy the view towards the village of Drakia and the roaming waters of the Vrychona stream. Marvel the stone fountains and the waters running through the village enjoy, endless walks though the cobbled streets and dare to walk the trails towards Drakia or Chania.

Agios Lavrentios has more churches apart from Agios Lavrentios that wait to be discovered. Go for a walk by the Metropolitan church of Agios Dimitrios located in the main square, the small basilica church of Agios Athanassios and the chapel of Panagia Souravlou, dedicated to the Life-giving Spring. Also visit the cross-shaped church of Agios Apostolos O Neos, the local saint, with its famous bell tower and the small amphitheater aside. Here, every year on 15 and 16 of August, a festival takes place and hundreds of believers come to venerate the Timia Kara (Holy Head) and fulfill their vows towards the miraculous saint.
In the area, finally, there is a cave that is believed to be the domicile of Centaur Chiron, and is one of the major attractions of the village. Dare to visit and discover the mystical atmosphere that surrounds the place.

The village, hosts various cultural events and festivals. One of them is the cherry festival, which has local dances and songs taking place every June at the village square. However the main event the village is famous for is the the "music village" festival a series of musical events taking place every August with concerts and workshops and with the participation of important artists from all over the world that give to the village a different note.

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