The cosmopolitan island of the Sporades, Skiathos, consisting of about 75 beaches is known for its clear blue waters and verdant landscapes. Most beaches are easily accessible either by car or by bus. The starting point of the local bus is in Chora, covering 24 stops all over the island, up to Koukounaries beach, which is the terminal. During the summer months, the buses have more frequent routes, almost every 10 minutes. Find out more about Skiathos. Still considering where to stay in Skiathos? See all hotels in Skiathos.



Maybe the best beach on the island, since man hand has hardly intervene in it. So it’s easy to think that the beach has no sunbeds and umbrellas. Its name comes from the round white pebbles, which the locals call lalaria. You can access it only by sea with the boats that make daily trips, as this beach is not covered by a road network. In case someone wants to visit Lalaria should be informed of the routes of the boats that are in the old port of Chora. Usually there are daily tours (during the summer months), as long as weather conditions permit it.

flickr skiathos lalaria bykullez

Lalaria beach Flickr CC - image Kulez

Vromolimnos (filthy lake)
Do not be fooled by the name. Its waters are neither dirty, nor have puddles. This is a very large and beautiful beach, full with greenery, stunning azure sea (why it has a blue flag) and captivating sunset. This beach is organized so you can find sun beds and umbrellas and a restaurant-beach bar, at quite reasonable prices. It's located on the southern part of the island with easy access for car owners. Those who use the local bus must hop off to stop “Vromolimnos” and the beach is about 15 minutes away by foot. After their descend, it would be useful to ask for the exact path they must follow, so they won’t get lost.


flickr skiathos vromolimnosbygpanagiot

image Flicr CC gpanagiot

The beach that automatically connects to the Island of Skiathos. Fortunately, because it will definetly cover every visitor’s expectation. It’ a huge beach (also with a blue flag), with many beach bars, restaurants and pines up to where the eye can see. Of course, water sports could not be absent for the lovers of adrenaline and extreme situations. The loners and those who like to tame the waves choose water ski. On the other hand, there are the groups who want to launch their adrenaline and usually choose banana or water tubes. The average age of guests is from 27 to 55 years. It is easily accessible either by car either by local bus (terminal).

flickr skiathos koukounaries bycoso quello alto

image Flickr CC

Banana beach
The locals called it Krasa, but with the passage of the time was renamed Banana, because many nudists visited this beach. So the beach got split in Little Banana (nudist beach) and Banana. In Banana there are two beach bars that fill stiflingly each summer day, mainly by young people. Of course the abundant greenery, the clean sea and the outstanding sunset could not be absent from this beach. The fun in this beach continues after swimming stops and after the sun goes to “bed”, with beers and cocktails on the elevated beach bar. It's located close to Koukounaries beach, in approximately 10-15 minutes walking distance, crossing a dirt road.

flickr skiathos banana2bygpanagiot flickr skiathos bananabygpanagiot

                                                                                Banana - image Flickr linmtheu & image Flickr gpanagiot       

Agia Eleni
West of Skiathos and slightly above the Little Banana, one can find the beach of Saint Eleni. A quiet, relaxing organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, but like everywhere, everyone can use his own equipment. It’s accessible by car, crossing a short distanced dirt road, or by boat. The sea is crystal clear, but do not stay on the water until the afternoon, because the fish will literally bite you! It is however worth to remain and face the sun as it disappears into the magical landscape.

skiathos agiaelenibeach

Krifi Ammos
This beach is literally - as the Greek word “krifi” means - hidden. It's located on the west side of the island and you need a private car to visit it. You go through a dirt road and a few turns, but the route and the destination certainly win the visitors' impressions. The access to the beach requires patience because of the steep downhill, but no one focuses on it. When you finally reach it you only admire the breathtaking sight and the contrast between the green landscape and the blue sea. Here the only shop you will find is a canteen, as the beach is not organized, and that highlights, even more, its natural beauty. It is a small and alternative beach that really worths a visit.

skiathos krifiammosbeach

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