Scuba diving at eastern Pelion

Reef "Lefteris" is one of the most dangerous areas for a ship to navigate because of its water depths that reach only 1-2 meters. According to Thucydides ''Lefteris'' was the reason that three Persian triremes were sinked. Located between Skiathos and Magnesia, the reef is 180 meters long and 80 meters wide.

Shipwreck '' Volos'' is a German merchant ship, 86 meters long, constructed in 1902 and sunk in 1931 between Pelion and Skiathos at the reef "Lefteris" in depth from 30 to 50 meters. The ship was a central protagonist at the film of Austrian marine biologist Hans Hassin "Menschen unten Heien" or otherwise «People between Sharks."

Also shipwreck ''Vera'' with a length of 58 meters is located at reef ''Lefteris'', west of Skiathos in a depth of 17 to 28 feet, submerged there since 1999. Today, this shipwreck is submerged in two parts as it was carrying 1,160 tons of rust on route from Larymna to Thessaloniki.



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