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Find out more: Elati, Pertouli

Pertouli Ski Resort - Koziakas refuge - Chatzipetros Peak 1.901 meters.

Lenght: 5226 meters
Max altitude: 1915 meters
Min altitude: 1169 meters
Τrackpoints: 469 - Route in google maps
It's the most famous route to the highest peak of Mount Koziakas with starting point at the Ski resort of Pertouli.

Pili - Lithari - Glikomilia

Length: 24501 meters
Μax altitude Υψόμετρο: 1705 meters
Min altitude: -237 meters
Τrackpoints: 930 - Route in google maps

Kori - Liathri - Refuge

Length: 4173 meters
Τrackpoints: 183 - Route in google maps

Pialeia - Cave of Mpei

Μήκος: 3965 meters
Max altitude: 1193 meters
Min altitude: 357 meters
Τrackpoints: 189 - Route in google maps. Find out more about Mpei's Cave here.

Elati - Kalogiromantri - Arvanites - Refuge - Chatzipetros peak 1.901 meters

Length: 7907 meters
Μax altitude: 1889 meters
Min altitude: 908 meters
Τrackpoints: 628 - Route in google maps

Elati - Kokkinos Vrahos - Amaranthos

Length: 11099 meters
Μax altitude: 1525 meters
Min altitude: 875 meters
Τrackpoints: 870 - Προβολή της διαδρομής στο google maps

Elati - Kokkinos Vrahos - Thira - Amaranthos Peak

Length: 3195 meters
Μax altitude: 1530 meters
Min altitude: 864 meters
Τrackpoints: 288 - Προβολή της διαδρομής στο google maps

Πηγή: www.hellaspath.gr

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