cruising volos pagasiticos to sporades


Entering the Pteleus bay, we have three bays to recite. Starting from the right we will find Pigadi bay with its small harbor. It is protected from all times and the anchorage keeps well. Next bay and to our right is Loutro, which has no harbor but protects you from all weather and you can stay in the evening. Below we will find the bay of Achilleion with its small harbor which is also protected by all weathers. Prefer the eastern pier for better anchor. Be aware of why there are irons protruding along the mole. Going down to the beach, the depth decreases, from here you can head towards Achilleion and Pteleios by land. Next to the harbor there is the Sea Museum.
Health Center 0030 24220 41217 Pteleos,
Police 0030 24220 41220.
Both ports provide gasoline, water, gas, supplies, restaurants and tavernas, telephone and post boxes.

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At the north-eastern part of Skopelos, a pleasure boat trip is very difficult when the WS winds blow. In general, the Sporades are affected by strong NW, making the visibility difficult and the waves of the sea large. In Skopelos you will find two organized marinas, one in Chora and one in Neo Klima.

Port of Skopelos
The summer is kept out of all times and you will not experience any problems as long as you bind well, as opposed to the winter when the harbor is hit by B, NE and A winds. Also, when wind blows, winds rise in the harbor, resulting in it

Creating strong winds and watching the captains. The bottom of the harbor keeps well and the pleasure boats are moored in the inner part of the harbor for more storage where there is also a mummy. To be more comfortable with your harness, contact the port on Channel 12 on the VHF, do not go too deeply because your anchor will cling to the bottom.

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alonissos cruising sailing

Port of Alonissos
In the winter, it suffers from NE, E, SE and N winds, while in the summer it is kept by all the winds, but due to the meltemia of the area and the season, antimicles are created in the harbor. To avoid any damage to the boats, keep a distance from the jib. And at this harbor call the port authority on Channel 12 at the VHF to find a place. The port provides everything, as Patitiri is the island's country.
Getting out of the port on our left we find Rousoum Gialos bay and Votsi bay. At Votsi Bay you can safely anchor and keep from all the winds and provide beautiful scenery and delicious food.

Steni Vala - Gerakas
In winter, the port of Steni Vala is kept out of all times except winds. Summer is guarded by all the winds, but here also the winds in the southwest winds create a windshield. The bottom is sandy and keeps well, but keep well in case of meltemia. You can find water, telephone, WC and basic supplies.
Gerakas is kept by all winds except N, SW winds. You will tie it to the jetty but pay attention to why it uses the daydrivers. In Gerakas is also the seals research center.

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διακοπές με σκάφος σκιάθος αγκυροβόλια σκιάθος crusing skiathos greece

It’s best to enter from the eastern entrance because from the West entrance you will come across with many passenger ships that may cause difficulties. It has been characterized by many as a replenishment station for any yacht. At the port of Skiathos guests can find shops with marine, diving and fishing equipment. If your boat is damaged there are careening facilities for boats up to 15 meters length and 2 meters draught. Other repairs on your engine to electrical or electronic components can be achieved in the same space. The marina provides electricity, water, phone and ice.

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