The crag at the small village Gavros is located just 25km from Meteora. It's an alternative option for those who have tried rock climbing at the rocks of Meteora and at the rock of Theopetra.

The rocks in Gavros are the same like Meteora but smaller. So you will find 10 rocks to climb with 50 routes.

Αναρρίχηση στο Μουζάκι rock climbing in mouzaki greece

Mouzaki - around 60 routes
The first rock is located at Mouzaki in Prefecture of Karditsa outside the village, towards Plastira’s lake and the second one is a few minutes below, at the sign we find and is the most famous of all. The rock is of limestone, has routes with difficulty levels among 4c and 8b, has southeast orientation and permanently relays and fuses. It’s suitable for climbing the whole year.

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Meteora - with about 700 routes.

The rocks of Meteora, consist an international destination for sports lovers from around the globe. It has routes of all difficulties on the rocks where there are no monasteries with some of them approaching the 1000 meters high. The rock of Meteora is conglomerate with many small pebbles.

Theopetra - with approximately 70 routes

The rock of Theopetra is just minutes away before we meet Meteora while we head to Trikala. Stands out from the rock we see on our right as we approach Meteora. At the base of the rock lies the village of Theopetra. It is visited a lot due to being very close to Meteora. Noticeable is the cave of Theopetra located on the cliff with the famous human footprints dating to 130,000 years.

Sarakina -14 routes

Sarakina a small village located 5 kilometers south of Meteora. The crag of Sarakina is next to the cemetary of the village and has 14 "sport" routes with southeast orientation.

Rock Climbing Meteora with a Drone - Trailer from Max Seigal on Vimeo.

Pyli - with approximately 70 routes
The rock is located just a few minutes away from πυλη τρικαλωνthe village Pyli. Once we move on and meet the bridge Kondyli, we park immediately on the left, where there is a sign for the path to the rock. Afterwards, we ascend the road located across from where we stand and in 30 minutes we find ourselves to the rock.

Elati (Red Rock)- with 6 routes

Since we leave village Pyli behind us, we meet village Elati after 13 kilometers. At the entrance of the village we meet a gas station and we turn right to the road. ''Red Rock'' is a limestone 60 meters high including six different routes.

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